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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier ??
31 Jan
January 31, 2017
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At a dinner party recently someone asked my friend Jim, “So Jim, what do you do for a living ?

Jim said “Oh, I am a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

A who……….!!” comes the reply..

The NVOCC means Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier.

A Non vessel operating common carrier is a cargo consolidator who does not own any vessel, but acts as a carrier legally by accepting required responsibilities of a carrier who issues his own bill of lading (or airway bill), which is called House bill of lading under sea shipment and House airway bill under air shipment.
Activities between a NVOCC and a freight forwarder are similar to each other except some differences.
An NVOCC need not be an agent or partner of a freight forwarding company, where as a freight forwarding company can act as a partner or agent for an NVOCC.
Basically speaking, NVOCC acts a ‘carrier to shipper’ and ‘shipper to carrier’.

NVOCC can own and operate their own or leased containers.    NVOCC acts as a virtual carrier and accepts all liabilities of a carrier legally, in certain areas of operation.

Apart from the above, there are no major differences between a freight forwarder and NVOCC which is similar to each other.  You can click here to read more about