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Why People Choose Aqua Cargo and Freight

Your privacy is our priority. You are welcome to use our services to ship those private items which you want to keep strictly confidential or as a surprise to the receiver for instance a birthday gift or other items which you feel embarrassed to ship through a regular shipping company. We provide tracking codes for each shipment so you can tracking them online to see where your items are whenever you want.

  • Fast and Trustworthy Delivery Methods

    We work with world renowned and trustworthy couriers such as US Postal Service, FedEx and DHL to ship your packages. We provide tracking numbers for each shipment so you can tracking them online to see where your items are whenever you want.

  • Professional Team and Quality Service

    DiscreetXpress Shipping is run by a professional team dedicated to serve our customers as our top priority. We have operations both in the United States, Cameroon and China, which ensure that we can provide better customer service and respond to inquiries must fast than other players in the industry. Our professional and quality service have won us loyal customers from all over the world.

  • No hidden fee

    Unlike most of the players in the industry, we do not request our customer to pay for additional service, such as invoice removal fee, inactive fee. All we charge is shipping fee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two types of carrier services: trackable and delivery confirmation. Trackable services, such as FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service’s Express service, all include door-to-door tracking. Typically a trackable service costs more than a “delivery confirmation” service, such as the US Postal Service’s Priority and First Class package services.

What is delivery confirmation?

Deliver confirmation is where the carrier confirms delivery, and sometimes the pickup, but shows no visibility between those points.

How reliable are tracking and delivery confirmation?

Neither service is reliable 100 percent of the time. We find that even the higher end services occassionally miss a package, forgetting to scan it. Delivery confirmation is the least reliable, with a high frequency of packages showing no scan, or just a pickup scan, even though the package has been safely delivered.